Baltic Boxing Team

Baltic Boxing Team
Registration number: 40008234632.
Registration date 03.03.2015

Activity: Development of boxing as a sport and the organization of sports competitions in boxing, training coaches, management for the Baltic boxers.
Organisation of the competition in boxing and martial combat sports in the Baltic States and Europe. Training and certification of coaches. Licensing athletes ready to act on a professional ring. Seminars and master classes. Assistance and exit the Baltic boxers in international boxing ring. Management Organization for boxers ready to act on a professional ring. Development and production of logos and related products for the combat martial arts

Baltic Boxing Team (BBT)
Basic rules of BBT:

– Baltic Boxing Team engaged in the development of professional boxing in the territory of Latvia and is a member of Lithuanian Pro Boxing League, which in turn is an official member of the EBU.

To participate in the pro fights, until the resolution of the Lithuanian Pro Boxing League and Baltic Boxing Team, each boxer shall undergo special medical examinations, to every fight, and once a year, more in-depth medical examination, including a brain scan – MRA-MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) examination ophthalmologist with the analysis of the fundus, cardiogram on bicycle and in a calm state, a blood test for places without AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C + general inspection of a sports doctor.

Baltic Boxing Team issues a license to engage in pro boxing – club, boxers, referees, managers and coaches.

Baltic Boxing Team conducts judicial seminars, which bring to the judges especially the differences between professional and amateur boxing, a rating system for each match.

– Club – having qualified and licensed coaches, is preparing a pro boxer.

– Manager – is organizing and searching for the boxer fights.

The difference between a manager and an agent that the manager usually has a contract with every fighter, which stipulate all of their professional relationships, and the agent of such a contract is not!

– Matchmaker – a person who has been compiling boxing pairs for each match. Powered by promoters, helping him in finding opponents for the fighters, which comprise staff from the promoter (the organizer of matches)

– Promoter – is a manager who has the personal resources and possibilities of funding for each composed in his contract boxer.

Promoter organizes games of professional boxers, paying all the costs of their organization and in contact with the European and world federation, trying to get his boxer to fight for first place in the world and European rankings, as well as for the title.

ORDER licensing and registration FIGHTS

– Licensing boxers, managers and referees, carried out to determine their readiness and further control activities in the field of professional boxing.

– The licensing procedure and the term of the respective licenses installed Lithuanian Pro Boxing League and Baltic Boxing Team by mutual agreement.

-Licenses drawn up Lithuanian Pro Boxing League on the basis of personal application filed in Baltic Boxing Team, a medical certificate (for boxers) and successful completion of the interview (interview)

If you wish to withdraw from the Lithuanian Pro Boxing League and Baltic Boxing Team, its licensed member shall in writing notify the management Baltic Boxing Team, no later than three months before the desired date of withdrawal of its composition.

In case of refusal to terminate the contract with the license holder boxer Lithuanian Pro Boxing League, Baltic Boxing Team must be issued in writing an explanation of the reasons for refusal, on official letterhead Baltic Boxing Team.

– Lithuanian Pro Boxing League is a single account of the license issued on the basis of their permission to conduct battles abroad, provides the necessary information to members of Baltic Boxing Team and International Boxing Organization.

– Lithuanian Pro Boxing League may suspend or withdraw the license of a license in cases of violations of rules and other regulations by the licensees. Information about such decisions shall be notified to the members of Lithuanian Pro Boxing League, Baltic Boxing Team and the International Boxing Federation.

– Supervisor of the match (referee observer at every game pro boxers, monitors the observance of all rules and procedures at a sporting event) can be assigned to leaders of clubs Lithuanian Pro Boxing League or Baltic Boxing Team, as well as the best-trained members of the governing body of these organizations to submit their leaders.

– The supervisor is personally responsible for the admission to the fights only licensed boxers, managers and referees. In exceptional cases, the supervisor is authorized to accept the application and issue the appropriate license before the fight itself, subject to all established requirements for registration of a license.

Combining the functions of a promoter – manager (second in the corner) or a supervisor – the judge / referee during a match is not allowed, because of the possible conflict of interest. One person can only be someone with one of the match – a boxer, judge and so on.

– Supervisor shall submit to the Lithuanian Pro Boxing League a report in the prescribed form not later than three days after the fighting.

REGULATIONS ON SPORTS CLUB PROS BOXING, licenses and sporting judges (pro boxing) in the Baltics.

– Sports pro boxing club in the Baltics, makes a statement in the Baltic Boxing Team, which is at the positive decision gives the club a license for permanent operation in the field of pro boxing in the Baltic States.

– The club provides an opportunity to self-training and training of athletes.

– Baltic Boxing Team supervises the activities of the club.

The club shall inform the Baltic Boxing Team of the scheduled event, and the Baltic Boxing Team appoints a supervisor to oversee and advice during the competition.

Sports Judge – can get a license to officiate at events held by the rules pro boxing after passing the test, at the end of the judicial seminar organized by Baltic Boxing Team. Referee seminar is held once a year, and judicial advice directly before each match of supervised competition.

Each member of the Baltic Boxing Team (club, boxer, manager, promoter, judge) receives when entering the certificate of the established sample, called on the world’s established tradition, the “License”. The license is renewed every year.

Each license, as every contract between the athlete and the manager are registered in the Baltic Boxing Team and then the data at necessity transferred to international boxing organization.

No registration in the Baltic Boxing Team, contracts and licenses is not valid!

If you wish to withdraw from the Baltic Boxing Team and refuse licenses Lithuanian Pro Boxing League, you must submit an application management Baltic Boxing Team, no later than 3 months before the desired date of withdrawal.

– The Baltic Boxing Team, there is a decision to allow the judging of small matches (total number of rounds in a match to 20 rounds) one judge, who is also the referee in the ring, but under the supervision of the supervisor of the match, the designated Baltic Boxing Team, which is a record of all judges Verdicts in the bout, and the validity of those decisions.

– At the boxing competitions held under the auspices of the Baltic Boxing Team, in any battle, the rule of three knockdowns – this means that after the third knockdown of opening an account in any round of a bout, automatically stops the fight and declared victory by TKO – TKO.

– In big matches, more than 20 rounds in total, each match referees for 5 people – the timekeeper (judge monitors the duration of each round, and the break between them), three side referees + the referee in the ring, which does not conduct judicial record, monitors the health of men and compliance with the rules of warfare, and under the supervision of the Chief Justice – Supervisor, which registers all judicial decisions and monitor their legitimacy, with the possibility of argumenirovannyh corrections during the match.

Each judge evaluates the visual effect of a boxer in the ring – its technical preparedness activity and the desire to fight, what constitutes its judicial assessment in each round.

In judging boxing matches of all adopted 10-point scoring system:

– A fighter looked in the round better fighter than B – 10:9.

– A fighter looked in the round better fighter than the B and B was able to send a fighter to the canvas once in the round – 10:8.

– A fighter looked in the round better fighter than the B and B was able to send a fighter was knocked down twice in the round – 10:7.

Less than evaluation 10:7 in the round can not be.

– A fighter looked in the round better fighter than the B and B was able to send a fighter to the canvas once in the round, but it was withdrawn a minus point for the violation – 9:8.

– A fighter looked in the round better fighter than the B and B was able to send a fighter was knocked down twice in the round, but it was withdrawn a minus point for the violation – 9: 7.

– Fighters look still in the round, the mark is 10:10.

– If the sportsmen looked technically equal, preference is given to the most active of them aspiring to action in the ring.

– A fighter looked in the round better fighter than B, but was knocked down, or it was taken one point for a violation of it, score – 10:10.

– Minus point can be declared the referee after two verbal warnings fighter on the third offense, the referee removes the minus 1 point, declaring the cause of the supervisor of the match, which registers it in the general judicial note.

– If in the course of the fight, one of the fighters was shot 3 points for the fight – the third minus point – automatic disqualification boxer and winner meant disqualification recognized his opponent.

– A fighter looked round in a much better fighter than B, completely dominated, but a knockdown in the round was not – 10:8.

– If one of the men opened a cut or some sort of other injury, the Referee in consultation with the doctor of the match may decide of termination or continuation of the match.

Only the referee may stop the fight prematurely, as it is responsible for the health of the athletes in the ring.

Judges’ decisions are as follows:

– KO (Knock Out) Knockout – when a fighter is not to his feet before the referee finished counting (up to 10) after a missed strike.

– TKO (Technical Knock Out) TKO – When a fighter for any reason can not continue the fight during the round (injury or unwillingness to continue the fight), or failed to fully recover from the knockdown and the referee decided to stop the fight.

– RTD – continued refusal to fight in between rounds, when a fighter refusal go to the next round in the bout continued.

– POINTS – victory on points (40:36, etc.)

After each round, the supervisor adds all points of referees and then counts them all together, and it turns out that award points at the end of the fight.

Referee notes judicial collects each linesman after each round, and transmits them to the supervisor for the overall scoring.

– DQ – the disqualification of one of the boxers on the gross violations of the rules.

– NC – without a decision – perhaps the imposition of such a decision as a result of the accident – stop the fight because of a non-standard – fire, natural disaster and so on ….

Before each match, held the official weigh both boxers at the same time, in existents each other, which is registered supervisor of the match, held their physical exam and inspected necessary medical documents for admission to the competition in boxing, as a supervisor checked the license boxers and permits for fights by the federation, on the the license of which is the fighter and only after that athletes can take part in a boxing match.

The formula fights in professional boxing:

4X3 – rating fights for beginners professional boxers.

6X3 or 8X3 – rating fights for the more experienced professional boxers.

10X3 – rated boxers fighting for professional or high-level matches for the title of Regional Champion or Champion of the country.

12X3 – the fight for the title of champion of the continent and for the world title.

– EBU – (European Boxing Union), the main organization regulating professional boxing in Europe.
Conducts fights for the title of the continent, and issued a warrant to conduct the rating matches in Europe.
Ranking among leading European pro boxers. – the largest and most reputable online resources to developing professional boxing in the world which conducts its own independent rating boxers professionals and which records all battles taking place in the world of professional boxing. Most matchmaker World based on information from this resource in the selection of the boxers on their matches and it is assumed that a boxer has the surprising number of professional fights, which displays the interent RESOURCES. not regulate boxing organizations, but only records the fact the fights themselves and on the basis of its results, an independent rating boxers professionals.
Report for the fight, boxers with photos and video recording of the match, neobhadimo guide to registration within three days after the match.