Rīgas Rings

The sports club ”Rīgas Rings” – is based in 1987. The president and the founder is Eugenijs Petuhovs. Since 1999 the vice-president of club became working sportsman Romāns Dāboliņš. Club Rīgas Rings is part of the Baltic Boxing Team and has own sports gym (street Katoļu -8, Rīga, Latvia).

The club develops all full contact kinds of single combats, but general a direction is the kickboxing and boxing.

The structure of club includes 5 sports groups of miscellaneous

Level of preparation and age of a category. In club the present Champions and prize-winners of the World championships, Europe, the CIS, Baltics and Latvia among professionals and amateurs train.

In the sport club Rīgas Rings work 6 basic trainers:

Evgenijs Petuhovs, the senior trainer, the president of club.
Romāns Dāboliņš – Coach of the group, aged 16 years.
Vladimirs Ivanovs – Coach of the group, aged 16 years.
Andrejs Dolgovs – Coach of the group, aged 16 years.
Romāns Vevers – Coach of the group, aged 12 years
Jevgenijs Stamburskis – Coach of the group, aged 16 years.

For additional Information you can call +371 29153127